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Introduction to Ingenious Meet

With advanced web-based conferencing features for enterprises, Ingenious Meet redefines scalability, flexibility, and interactions. The following features will provide you strong reasons to opt for it.

Increased sales
Customer Meetings
Internal meetings
Employee training
The flexibility of operations

What makes Ingenious Meet special?

We want people to be able to do their jobs from anywhere

Integrated and intuitive communications will catapult your enterprise to unprecedented success. Productive interactions between employees and project leads happen to be the prime requisite for every business venture. Under such circumstances, nothing can get better than integrated and streamlined communication solutions for your dream venture.

If that’s your bottom line, it’s time to get introduced to ‘Ingenious Meet’. Collaborate your business operations, strike crucial conversations, and bring your team together with this highly innovative business meeting platform.

While this is just a brief prologue to its features and highlights, the following aspects will push you towards choosing Ingenious Meet today.

As a highly scalable and unique web conferencing solution, Ingenious Meet will always keep you connected. You can explain project requirements, track downtime reports, keep project delivery records, and inspire your workforce, all at the same time.

Work Smart

Crystal clear communications and unperturbed video meetings; that’s what Ingenious Meet offers to you. Project managers can now work more in less time.


Reduce travel costs

 No need to wallop your account books and spend huge amounts on travel expenses. Be where you are, and perform even the most critical business functions.

Strong Relationships

Voice clarity, clear sound quality, and a shared video conferencing screen will successfully promote engagement. Focus on your teams and clients and build strong rapports.

Enhance sales

Close the most profitable deals at 20% faster than normal proceedings. The time and efforts saved with Ingenious Meet will show up in the revenues.

Robust Security

Thank's to the password protected interface along with end-to-end encryption for ensuring safe and secure business meetings. Build better concentration and keep your worries aside, because no one’s interfering or eavesdropping on your communications.

Integrated Document Sharing

 Explain projects or share references with your team. Working together has never been so easier before!

Remote Support

Whether stuck in a traffic jam or in between a serious issue, Ingenious Meet will help you offer remote support to your workforce. From major glitches to minor issues, nothing will remain unsolved.

One Destination for all

 Embrace the power of Ingenious Meet and get custom URL for your online business meetings.

Pricing & Packages

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Free (No Purchase Needed)

Free way of Meeting for Ingenious People


month (billed Monthly)
  • Free way of Meeting for Ingenious People

  • Audio & Video Calling

  • In-call chatting
  • White-Board Sharing
  • Max 15 participants
  • Screen Sharing


ingenious way of Meeting for Ingenious People

$ 25 .00

month (billed Monthly)
  • Ingenious way of Meeting for Ingenious People

  • Audio & Video Calling
  • Screen-sharing
  • Make other participant as moderator
  • In-call chatting
  • White Board Sharing
  • Presentation Sharing
  • Live Document Editing
  • Max 50 participants